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Invitation from Nan to Join
Experience Essential Oils Membership


Inaugural Pricing is Closed but there is Still Time to Join Us!

Hi Everyone!

I want to personally invite you to my new program, Experience Essential Oils Membership. For years, I wanted to create a “virtual stage” where I could bring everyone essential oil training, functional wellness education and transformational coaching for people and animals in one platform.


Im so thankful that technology has given me this ability to share my knowledge and insights with you in an affordable and powerful way!

WHY Experience Essential Oils Membership Program?

All of us are on a journey of self-discovery. Whether you are already on that path or you are just beginning that journey, the EEOM Program can give you the support, tools and coaching to set your course and navigate through the winds. Afterall, it can be challenging, right? Yes! That is part of the process! But the reward always exceeds the challenge in anything worth pursuing in life.

Whether you want to learn more about essential oils for wellness, animals and/or transformation, or you haven’t even worked with oils but need transformational coaching support, this program will check those boxes. I designed it to do all of that based on my many years of teaching, coaching and mentoring.

If you want to go right to the FREE Level and check it out now, CLICK HERE! You will be one of the FIRST to be NOTIFIED that the Free E-merald Level has launched and is available.

What is the Experience Essential Oils Membership Program About?

The EEOM Program is about way more than just essential oils. Although oil education is incorporated into every training topic, these are the things I had in mind when I designed the program for you:


  • Exploration: When you explore, you learn. Learning keeps us inspired, creative and enjoying life. Without it our brain, creativity, career and businesses seem to get stuck; or we can get stuck in resistance, stubbornness or the state of “familiar”. Exploring more about what the oils are showing you, how animals respond to the oils along with the coaching can give you that monthly “refresh” that you need. Also, you will find unique solutions to your situations as well as your animals. Now that is refreshing!
  • Discovery: Life is about self-discovery. As you explore, you open to discovering more about yourself whether that is through the oils, the animals, a health challenge or a combination of things which is normally the case. With an open heart (intuition) and mind, discovery will lead you to your truth; and you will experience true transformation.
  • Transformation: Success comes through transformation of your patterns, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that were mostly formed during childhood in the subconscious mind (and your animals). Change those and you change your world. Sounds simple? Not necessarily. I will teach how to use the oils in a transformative way for you and your animals AND give you the coaching tools as well to make those changes so you can manifest your success. No more pushing, avoiding and sabotaging your path. You are so NEEDED in the WORLD!
  • Experience: Experience more wellness, more of life, more of the oils, more of your animals and more of your potential! As you explore, discover and transform, then you EXPERIENCE more of what you want as your perceptions and thoughts change your reality. As you learn to think and feel different, you will manifest and experience a different result!

What Do E-merald Level Members Experience?

  • Three FREE Training Topics that Jump Start your Journey;
  • Understanding the Four Aspects of Wellness including the Four Aspects of Wellness for Peppermint Oil PDF;
  • EO Animal Wellness Quick-Start Topic Bundle including a Print and Share PDF and Bonus EO Demo Video from Nan’s Level 1 Aromatherapy Course;
  • Understanding Emotional Wellness and Trigger Busting EOs including my Trigger Busting Tool using EOs;
  • And More!!!

What Do O-pal Level Members Experience?

  • Continued Training, Education and Inspiration with Me Year-Round;
  • Monthly EO Training and Coaching Topic Bundle with Professional Videos, PDFs and Quizzes;
  • Rotating Topics which will include Functional Wellness, Transformation/Self-Discovery and Animals all Designed to Help you be Successful in Your Life, Career or Business;
  • Understanding How Oils can be Integrated in ALL of What You Do and Share;
  • Print and Share PDFs that you have Permission to Share with Family, Friends, Teams and Prospects;
    Infinite Breakthroughs that have INCREDIBLE Value to Your LIFE, FAMILY, ANIMALS and CAREER;
  • And More!!!

What Do S-aphhire Level Members Experience?

  • All the O-pal Level Experience PLUS;
  • Access to at Least TWO Monthly Training Modules from my Aromatherapy Course – Using Essential Oils for People and their Animals: The Lost Art of Aromatherapy;
  • Q&A Coaching calls with Me TWO times per Year (Recorded);
  • LOYALTY BONUS UNLOCKS from My Video Vault that include Exclusive Trainings, Demos and Mini-Series;
  • And More!!!

For a PDF of Member Benefits and Comparisons


After You Review the FREE E-merald Training Bundles, You will Receive a LIMITED TIME OFFER to UPGRADE Your experience to become an O-pal or S-aphhire Member! I look forward to having you as part of our amazing and growing community!

With Love and Light,

Nan and her Whippet Dezie